Wanting to get into Flipping Houses?

The next year should be a great year for flip real estate.  This article comes from http://fortune.com/ by Erik Sherman.

“Home flipping — buying and then selling a house or condo within 12 months — is on the rise and at a two-year high. Although still not at the levels of 2006, the practice is seeing some sharp increases.”

The key is finding and getting the real estate to flip.  It is a everyday job to look for these types of properties. December is a great month to purchase them because you can get your home on the market in the spring when it’s the selling season.

Construction is also the key to getting you the top dollar.  You need crews to do the work and ways to buy your material for that home at a discount.  I have all that already set up for all my clients. I am getting ready to do a home for a client that needed new appliances for their homes.  I put them in contact with my appliance guy and they were excited with the prices they got. That is a perk for my clients that I love to give them.

Here is a home I purchased at $160,000 and it sold for $304,900 in 11 days.  I purchased this property for a client and followed through with the construction.  I then Sold the property. Being a Realtor and contractor gives me a huge advantage over other Realtors. Check out this home below.

Having experience and a resume to match is very rare.  I have done over 350 flips for myself and clients.  I am always looking at new ways to make money with Real Estate in any current markets.  Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty 

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